One of these books - Acquainted with the Night - starts with the call number RJ. Since RJ comes after RC, that would be last. It's out of the running. We need to focus on the other four books, which all start with RC. Additionally, they all have the same number after RC - 516.

For all of the RC516 books, we need to look at the letter that comes after the period. There is one F, two Js, and one S. Which J would come first? The one with the smaller number after the J - RC516 .J35.

The 67 in RC516 .J67 is larger than the 35 in RC516 .J35. Thus, RC516 .J67 2003 would be the third call number on this shelf.

Great job! You're ready to head out into the stacks to find a book! Remember, if you need help, contact any staff member at Ezra Lehman Memorial Library.